Discover great places to eat and drink. And share your experiences with others.

The Critly app is beautifully designed, and super easy to use. It lets you find places to eat and drink, keeps you informed on other people's ratings and comments, and gives you access to special offers. It also gives you the opportunity to tell the world about your experience as well.

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Critly is an app that lets you quickly search for restaurants, bars, or cafes around you. Plus it lets you quickly rate your experience! Owners can also send out information about deals and other special offers.

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Make a decision quickly. You have the information at your fingertips

The app will tell you what's nearby. You can see ratings and comments. After you've had your drink or meal, you can also rate the place and share details of your experiences.

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Take the risk out of eating and drinking.

The Critly app is more than a finder. You can also rate your experiences and access special deals offered by restaurant and cafe owners.

  • Beautiful, fast, easy to use
  • Find restaurant, cafe and bar deals near you
  • Make an informed choice, before you go out
  • Share your experiences with everyone else
  • Help improve the quality and service of the places you love

All the information can be accessed via a laptop/desktop browser as well

You can plan your night out from your laptop or desktop and then switch to your app when you are on the move.


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